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Monday, 18 October 2010

The Southern Raiders return

So Nick and I are back from a great weekend at Warhammer World in Nottingham for the Wargames Weekend. We took our combined Pyrrhic and Carthaginian armies along for the Mediterranean Megalomania event and we came away with 4 wins in the 4 games!

Admittedly two of the wins were more drawing wins, but a win is a win in any ones book! But most inportant of all we had a great weekend and the atmosphere of the weekend was brilliant with everyone seeming to play in the 'right' way and with having fun as being the first and most important consideration.

First up we had a very tough battle with a 1st Punic War Carthaginian army combined with a Slave Revolt army. We had never played the slaves before so that was a novelty and after a very long and intense game we sneaked it 607pts to 419pts.

Second game was against the one army we were most worried about - a Persian army of 4000pts. As a force with lots of small units we were worried about the impact of massed archers. In the end we managed to screen our men pretty well and then we rolled up the Persians from the left flank and went away with a big 2276 to 399 win.

Sunday dawned with Nick feeling slightly more human than the first day (Friday beer!!) and we had the most unsatisfying game of the weekend with our opponent fielding a 4000pt Spartan army. In the end we spent most of the game moving around the table without any significant combats and we won 507 to 72 largely due to having one quarter of the table safe, and capturing one of the Spartan quarters.

So last up was a game against a combined Carthaginian force - one drawn from the 2nd Punic war lists in Italy and Spain. Lots of warbands and trained Africans. We played pretty well, but our opponents had absolutely no luck at all and we won a convincing victory 2572 to 100!
So in the end we won the 'competition' having 7 territory cards and having a lot of fun along the way. I'll try and write up some of the battles from memory and post some pictures of the event in the coming days.

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