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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Doubts.... I've had a few.....

OK so yesterday I went into army doubt mode. I know this always happens in the run-up to a gaming weekend, and this weekend is no difference.

Having read some battle reports on the WAB 2.0 rules, and playing my own army a couple of times now, I am wondering if I should drop one of my Oscan warrior units and take a unit of Punic Cavalry instead. If I could take the Spanish HC I'd do it at a shot as the Punic Cavalry are only weapon skill 3, while the spanish are 4.

The advantage of having another highly mobile flank threatener could be useful indeed to our army, but then we'd be a foot unit down and that might be a major issue.

On balance I think I'll stick with the army I have an leave the heavy cavalry out. I just must make better use of the open order Numidian's instead. In most of the battles I've kept them back as a reserve which has been useful, but maybe I should try and use them more aggressively.

Why is it whatever number of points you can take for an army - its always one unit too small....?

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