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Friday, 15 October 2010

Ready or not.... here we come

I think Nick and I are ready for the weekend's wargaming at Games Workshop in Nottingham. We played a final practice last night against one of the Seleucid armies someone kindly posted up on the Wab Forum.

I know both of us thought the same thing as we saw the layout, the massed pike and great heavy cavalry the Seleucid army fielded (and I played) was fearsome to behold and our army looked weak and light in return.

But in the end it held up very well - the vast blocks of Galatians (64 figures!) and 18 Cataphracts, was really tough to deploy and manoeuvre. And literally we ran rings around it. Also it was very light on light troops - only 2 units of 10 javelin skirmishers and a very useful block of 12 skythians. However Nick used his cretan archers, tarantine light cavalry and one unit of Numidian light cavalry to defeat them and then the mobility of his drilled pike, backed by the Bruttian warriors gave the two Seleucid heavy cavalry wedges nowhere to go.

OK so I don't know how the guy planned to use his seleucids but we came away feeling a lot better about our army. I do still think some of the large block stationary archer type armies will be our nemesis but only time will tell.....

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