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Monday, 11 October 2010

British Museum and inspiration

So I must make another confession that I am a museum junky and to me there is no better museum than the British Museum.

So when I get the chance, I love to drop into the British Museum to look around for an hour or so. This morning I had a little time before meetings, and so dropped into the Italian/Roman rooms for inspiration for the coming weekend. Simply brilliant to see all the Roman and Italian goodies.

Top to bottom:
  • A bronze helmet with crest holderand detachable horns as horse-headed seas monsters from 325-275BC Italy.
  • Roman helmet from the Punic Wars 220-170BC
    A Bronze montefortino helmet of Gallic origin 300-100BC; a Bronze samnite helmet 400-300BC and a Bronze Tripple disc breastplate from 400-300BC
  • A Bronze Pot Helmet from 600BC from Picenum, Umbria or Etruria.
    A bronze statue of a horseman from Taranto, 550BC
  • A Corinthian helmet
  • A Bronze Corinthian helmet made in Apulia 600BC
  • A Carthaginian Mosiac
  • Attic helmet
  • Bronze spearheads and sword from 800-700BC

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