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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

VBCW Campaign gets underway

There wont be much wargaming in the coming weeks in the Flaming Pigs home garage in the next few weeks due to work commitments, and the coming Christmas period. But we have decided to kick off our Very British Civil War campaign around the Fall of Basingstoke with the first 'turn' orders due next week.

I say orders but our intention is not to have turns as such, as I will run things almost real time. I have deliberately left it vague as I want to see how Tom and Nick choose to interpret this free-form approach. Really I want them to think like a real commander would in the situation, and pretty much anything goes therefore.

I will also be developing personalities for the subordinates under their control and that will also colour how they react to independent command and actions.

I also plan - we'll see how real life permits this - to run an occasional newspaper - the Basingstoke Gazette - which will have snippets of news and rumours which might help - or distract Nick and Tom. The first edition is out you can download it here!

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