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Monday, 8 November 2010

Battle of Broadwater continued

This is the briefing for Nick's forces at the Battle of Broadwater playing the dastardly Fascists out of Reading... boo hiss....

Briefing for Colonel Brown of the British Union of Fascists Legion – Reading Corps

The leader Mosley has been in power in England for several months now, and you and your men have been kept busy confirming his rule in the Thames Valley against socialists and church interest groups who refuse to acknowledge King Edward. Resting up in the Government stronghold of Reading, word has reached you of worrying developments in Basingstoke.

Basingstoke was always earmarked as a target for your men to move to as it houses the vital Thornycroft lorry factory – a site the Government is keen to get hold of. After a period of quiet from the town when the local council and local dignitaries have seemed to have tried to steer a course of some independence, the past few weeks have seen them side very much against the legitimate Government.

It seems that the local BUF committee decided to try and take control of the vital factory without outside backing, and as the struggle escalated into open fighting with the workforce, and a number of Fascist members were killed and the rest fled for their lives to Reading.

Since then it has been inevitable that the BUF Legion will move south to quieten this rebellion and take control of the Thornycroft factory and the town itself. As a precursor for this attempt, your forces as a small advanced guard has been ordered to capture a crossing over the River Broadwater, south of Stratfield Saye.

You know that your departure has probably not gone without being noticed but you are confident that your men – all trained veterans of the Great War – can push aside whatever rag tag defenders the local population can gather together.

Losses are not important although you cannot afford to lose the armoured car you have been entrusted with as there simply is not enough armour in the Thames Valley.

Victory conditions:
Major Victory:
Hold the bridge over the River Broadwater by the end of turn 10 and don’t lose the armoured car
Minor Victory: Hold the bridge over the River Broadwater by the end of turn 10 but lose the armoured car
Anything else is a defeat.



Colonel Brown with SMG and 4 men with rifles and grenades. All Stubborn and one with the legion flag.

2 companies of Legion troops, each with a HQ of a Captain with 4 soldiers with rifles and grenades and three platoons of 8 men with rifles and grenades. Each of the 1st platoons have a LMG. All the Legion companies are treated as fanatical.

Support is provided by a scout platoon of 10 men with rifles and pistols who have scout and infiltration ability. Also a HMG and 3 crew and a light mortar with 3 crew. In addition there is a Lanchester Armoured car with twin turreted MGs.

Everything is carried in a truck or car.

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