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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mini clearout time!

Time to have a mini clearout from the figures cabinet. These are all figures which I bought at sometime - usually as a job lot with other figures I wanted and I've painted them, or tarted them up a little. They look pretty good if I say so myself and hopefully will bring in some funds for the Very British Civil War campaign.

Here's an Officer of the Fleet for the Imperial Guard 40k armies. Nice figure and the touchup went pretty well I think.

Here's another Imperial Guard HQ figures - an Astropath - again I picked this up in a batch of Imperial Guards and I already had one in my 40k army soI painted it up and its going spare.

This figures if definitely in the category of - picked up somewhere - its somesort of Space Marine although I don't really know what type as I've never played them. I picked it up at a show somewhere and have painted it up. I think it looks pretty good really.

Last but no means least, are two squadrons of lovely 28mm Napoleonic cavalry - I believe Perry Miniatures plastic figures.

There is a squadron of 7 French Cuirassiers .

and a very nice unit of 7 French Carabiniers.

I bought both on eBay some time ago already painted to a reasonable standard and I've touched them up and I think the effect is great, but there is no way I'm going to get into 28mm Napoleonics.... we have thousands of 15mm Napoleonics already!

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